Type of the activity: KA 1 – Youth Exchange Programme Countries
Venue: Casa Seciu, Boldesti-Scaeni, Prahova, Romania
Dates of effective implementation: 6-17 November 2016
Working methods used: Non-formal education
Countries involved: Romania, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.
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Geo Club Association was organising this project with the grant received through the Erasmus+ Program from the European Union.
In this KA 1 – Mobility – Youth Exchange called „Multilingal Together”, youngsters between 18 and 30 years old, accompanied by leaders with no age limit, from different EU countries lived together for 12 days in Boldesti-Scaeni Village (Prahova County), Romania.

This group worked in teams, international ones or of the same nationality, depending on the activities. The aim was to raise their awareness about importance of foreign languages learning for employability. They also created a scenario of workshop for children and young students about the topic of the project. During their stay in Romania they had a chance to learn simple expressions in languages of participating countries and discover similarities and differences between them.

The ” Multilingual together” objectives was about to:
  • Give 36 people from 6 countries opportunity to raise their knowledge about linguistic diversity in Europe and learn some basic expressions in several European languages
  • Create artistic and digital works about linguistic diversity and connection between multilingualism and employability- one album with photos, six posters, six videos
  • Create a workshop about this topic and organize it in local school in Ploiesti in Romania
  • Create a Learning Platform on the Internet in order to disseminate all results of pax’s work among NGO’s, schools and other organizations that could be interested in the topic, and reach up to 2000 people.

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